LTH Marine Consulting, provide Marine Assurance services for clients world wide with accredited inspector for both CMID & OVID. Marine Assurance Services include:

IMCA - Common Marine Inspections Documents (CMID) or Marine Inspection of Small Work boat (MISW) 

The IMCA Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) & (MISW). The IMCA eCMID system provides standard formats for the inspection and auditing of offshore vessels. Its use helps promote safety and efficiency and can help reduce the number of repeat inspections on individual vessels by providing a consistent, transferrable format which meets vessel operator and client requirements alike.

OCIMF - Offshore Vessel Inspections Documents (OVID)

The aim of OVID is to provide a robust web based inspection tool and database of inspection reports; this will be underpinned with professional, trained and accredited inspectors. In the long term it is an aspiration that OVID will form a database that is central to the selection and assurance of offshore vessels enhancing the safety of operations in the industry.

On & Off hire inspection.

The onhire & offhire inspection is conducted on all types of vessels both for the Renewable Wind industry and the Oil & Gas industry. 

Pre-vetting inspection OVID / SIRE program. 

Pre-vetting inspections can help companies to get a status of a vessel and to avoid or minimize observations during an inspection from the Oil Companies.   


LTH Marine Consulting, provide wide range of Marine Survey & Audit in all parts of the world on behalf of many different industry interests.

Marine Survey & Audit Services include:

Suitability surveys

Fit for purpose assessments (suitability)

Condition Surveys

Condition survey of vessels and equipment is a statement of fact report and represents the status of an asset at a particular time.

ISM / MLC / ISPS on shore and off shore Audit

As accredited vessel inspector I carry out ISM / ISPS / MLC Audits in offices ashore and on various types and sizes of vessels, from small workboats to large vessels off shore.

Navigational audit

Navigational assessments and audits help vessel owners, operators and Masters to identify areas for improvement and increase safety. They also assure companies that high standards of navigation and watchkeeping are being maintained. Navigational Audit is conducted according to OCIMF guidelines & checklist by a Master Mariner who has been in command.   


Marine Warrenty Surveyor.

The term “Marine Warranty Surveyor” relates to the requirements of an insurance policy, where the insured party warrants that they will engage a suitable organisation to review and approve the proposed operations (the Warranty) on behalf of the insurer. MWS assignment is mainly done for the Major Service Provider and insurance companies. 

Client Representive assignment. 

Some companies/owners need a person to represent there interrest when working on various project. This is usually onboard a vessels they have hired for the project. 

Polar code assessment and Manual.

IMO's International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters (Polar Code) is mandatory under both the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL). The Polar Code covers the full range of design, construction, equipment, operational, training, search and rescue and environmental protection matters relevant to ships operating in the inhospitable waters surrounding the two poles. The Polar Codentered into force on 1 January 2017. 

P&I Inspections.